good morning

I saw these amazing log bowls at Life and Limb this weekend, which by the way, if you haven’t been, is a wonderful shop filled with delightful interior plants and housewares. thanks to Joy for the link.
I also had the pleasure of meeting two Chelseas on Saturday. miss Chelsea of the uber cute style blog, frolic, and the equally as lovely Chelsea of Arugula Press. I also met the amazingly kind Denise of d.sharp! so nice to meet you girls!
the rest of the weekend was spent relaxing as much as possible. I ate some amazing food, drank some delicious beer, bought myself some leg warmers and socks, and took time away from my computer which was very nice. but, it’s back to the grind today.
my 2009 calendar is in the works. if you remember my tiny calendar from 2008, you can be assured that this year is just as great, if not better. and quite possibly, a little unruly.


have you checked out the Seventy and Sunny blog lately? I updated it with some of our recent work. more updates soon.

6 Responses to “good morning”

  1. Casey said:

    that photo is beautiful. just a print like that would be great. forget the bowls!! (okay, don’t forget them, they are pretty great too.)

  2. Megan. said:

    what an absolutely perfect idea. and so pretty too.

  3. Chelsea said:

    It was so fun to meet you! I didn’t know Arugula Press was a Chelsea too:)

  4. gracia said:

    Oh! That house looks wonderful…

  5. gracia said:

    (Eep! I had meant that for the previous post… my quick clicking got the better of me.)

  6. .kate said:

    I love these bowls.

    I love anything that involves trees, moss and nature.

    So this was right up my alley.

    Keep blogging.