isn’t nature amazing? I found this lovely bunch of intertwined carrots at the farmer’s market this weekend, along with some amazing yellow plums and bright red beets.

you know what else is amazing? meeting wonderful people from the blog world. I had the pleasure of meeting the lovely Summer of Design is Mine this weekend at the farmer’s market, and what a sweet heart she is.

amazing is a fun word. so here’s some other things I found amazing this weekend:
coming home to 6 Plinys in my fridge.
free tickets to Britt Daniel and Built to Spill.
dancing my heart out to songs I’ve never heard before.
holding a teeny tiny baby with tiny toes and tiny fingers.
sunshine that comes out like a light bulb turning on.
farmer’s market rainbows.
photo sessions at the Belmont Street fair.
the original Pear Pizza and The Dissident. {love that label}
cupcakes, cupcakes, cupcakes.
beers on the roof.

couldn’t have asked for a better one! hope your’s was amazing too!

9 Responses to “ah-mazing”

  1. trupeach said:

    green, green, green with envy about those free tickets!
    your weekend sounds just about perfect.

  2. Rachel said:

    I love fresh carrots – they have a personality that the store bought ones don’t, and they smell and taste totally different. Yum.

  3. Aran said:

    that sounds like a wonderful weekend!

  4. laceyJ. said:

    Free tickets?! Lucky you.

  5. Summer (designismine) said:

    It was lovely to meet you too! We should get together sometime for coffee (or baking even!)


  6. Alicia Carrier said:

    oh you got to meet summer, huh? i wish *I* got to go to the farmer’s market on saturdays, GUYS.

    seriously though let’s have a blog party, it’ll be ridiculous.

  7. Catherine said:

    Sounds like a wonderful, or should I say amazing weekend. It’s nice seeing the amazing in everyday things. The carrots look beautiful, always best steamed I think with a little bit of green still attached..mmm

  8. michelle said:

    I adore farmer’s markets! There are a lot of Sunday neighboorhood one’s in Seattle. If you ever make it up from Portland, shoot me an email, I’ll give you some recommendations!