lazy rats

oh how I’m longing for a day like this.
these are my two lazy cats, or rats as we like to call them when they are bad, which is most of the time. so yes, these are my two lazy rats. dlb took this picture yesterday and it simply made my day.


I apologize to those of you who have written me emails lately with various questions about blogging, starting a business, illustration, etc. I do plan to sit down and go through them all, I just really haven’t had time to quite catch my breath.
in the meantime, Ez of the lovely blog, Creature Comforts, wrote a fantastic article today about getting started on blogging, which I’m sure some of you, looking for inspiration to start up that blog of your own, will surely enjoy! check it out article.


and if you’re wondering, there will be some photography spotlights hopefully starting back up next week. they may not be weekly as they have been previously, but I can assure you that they will be just as inspiring!!

14 Responses to “lazy rats”

  1. Rachel@oneprettything.com said:

    This picture makes me so HAPPY!

  2. lindsay. said:

    i’m jealous… of cats. they couldn’t look more blissed out if they tried (and obviously, effort isn’t what they’re in to, now is it?). good luck getting to that moment yourself soon!

  3. Pfeiffer Photos said:

    Those are some super-duper-kitty-lambchops–how funny! Awesome capture, nice timing. :0)

  4. Kim said:

    That picture is priceless!

  5. Ez said:

    Oh thank you so much for mentioning my blog post here! I hope it can be of help to both new bloggers and seasoned ones alike.
    Thanks again!


  6. Kristine said:

    Bunk beds for cats. Now that’s something I haven’t seen before.

  7. trupeach said:

    this photo = joy

  8. Collins said:

    This picture says it all about cats! I love it.

  9. Sal said:

    Look at those rats. I wanna scratch some belly SO BAD.

  10. Penny Wise said:

    aw, they look so snuggely!

  11. katie said:

    oh my, what an adorable picture! i just love cats.

  12. Julia said:

    Can I ask you where did you find those bed for cats?

  13. alyson. said:

    Julia – dlb actually made this cat bed while he was working in Idaho! he’s quite crafty. :)