just the fact that you can shake it to shuffle the songs is enough for me to want to ditch my previous skinny nano for one of these new bad boys. I’ll take one in yellow, please.
{from apple}

7 Responses to “nano-chromatic”

  1. cindy : quaint said:

    that is so cool – i think i’d like the green, no the pink, no the blue – oh boy, this could take awhile.

  2. michelle said:

    Love the green & bright yellow!

  3. roopa said:

    Yellow is my least favorite color, but strangely, it is my favorite of these Nanos!

  4. Odannysgirl said:

    Oh wow! I want one too.

  5. Megan. said:

    yes, i’d like a yellow one too! these are amazing. i’d just be afraid of it constantly shuffling on accident. what a pretty array of colors though :)

  6. Alya said:

    I’d like the purple one please! LOVE IT!

  7. Anonymous said:

    so then you can’t take it running? those colors are amazing…