paula hayes

dlb and I have been talking about making terrariums for some time now. in the middle of searching for the best glass jar, he sent me this link for the work of Paula Hayes. I am in love.
{from paula hayes, via apartment therapy}

5 Responses to “paula hayes”

  1. debbie said:

    i’ve been on a search for the perfect vessel as well! these are really cute.

  2. Freckle Farm said:

    oh i love these. i wish she was local!

  3. Amy Nieto said:

    i want to live inside those little worlds

  4. Chris said:

    Those are incredible! Now I want to make one :)

  5. karyn said:

    these terrariums are so lovely. i just made one today and it’s no where near as elegant. but it’s cute. can’t wait to see the one you make!