photographer spotlight: allison cox

today’s photographer spotlight bring us to the lovely work of Allison Cox, aka allie anne photography. her work is gorgeous and truly inspiring. from wedding photos to family portraits, her love for color shine through her photos. take a look at her blog for more amazing photos. thanks Allison!


what first sparked your interest in photography:
I took my first photo classes in high school and immediately fell in love with the entire process. I was so fascinated with developing my own images that I sometimes spent lunch in the darkroom working. nerdy? Probably, but I loved it so much I knew that I wanted to continue to study photography in college.what was your first camera:
I think it was a 35mm Nikon, I’m not sure the model.favorite thing to photograph:
I like to photograph children the most. But I am always drawn to wide open spaces and unique landscapes too (although my work doesn’t always reflect that)
favorite artist/photographer:
I think it changes every month, but lately I am really inspired by Laurie Frankelmost memorable advice you’ve been given:
something along the lines of “.. make every shoot you do your very best, no matter the circumstance”advice you’d give starting or aspiring photographers:
I think it would just be to shoot what makes you happy and what keeps you inspired.favorite color:
I think it’s always been green. or blue. or greenish blue.if you could eat only one thing:
jr. mints (refrigerated)something you can’t live without:
my Holgaon repeat from your headphones:
“west coast” by Coconut Records
what inspires you:
so many things keep me inspired… music, moody cloudy days, other wonderful photographers and artists, the people in my life, nature.


13 Responses to “photographer spotlight: allison cox”

  1. Deann B. said:

    I love Allison’s work and have gotten back into film in part because of her color photographs. So glad you featured her! :)

  2. laceyJ. said:

    Yay Allison! (And you too Alyson for featuring her.) I love Allison’s work- so pretty, so inspiring.

  3. Alisa and Casey said:

    Alison has been amazing from day one for sure!

  4. allison said:

    love this work! so fresh and natural. i’ve seen allison’s work before and loved it, so i also enjoyed reading her interview. thanks for posting.
    allie (i.e. another fellow “allison”) :)

  5. Aran said:

    gorgeous images… they made me smile!

  6. ambika said:

    I so rarely see wedding photos I really love but the two here are fantastic.

  7. Michelle said:

    Beautiful photography!

  8. lucie said:

    nice interview!! (the link for laurie frankel doesn’t work…)

  9. You are my fave... said:

    Thank you for this. I love her work.

  10. Teal Chic said:

    Great photos. I love how photos can totally change your outlook, and make you want thicker bangs like the brunette in the picture. Her hair is awesome, as is her outfit!!!

  11. Jenny said:

    Allison’s photography is awesome, I found your blog through hers. Always so inspiring when I visit her blog !