photographer spotlight: jen altman

Jen Altman is one of those people who takes pictures that you just want to be a part of. I love the way she photographs life. her girls, her baking, her pearls… her attention to everyday life and detail is impeccable and her ability to capture each loving moment is beyond perfect. her recent projects include a monthly photo trade and the lovely book, For the Love of Light. her blog provides endless inspiration as well as her flickr stream and shop.
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what first sparked your interest in photography:
I have always loved photography and when I was young I remember being very careful about how I composed the composition through the viewfinder before shooting. I remember thinking how perfect everything had to be. I shot a lot of film when I was traveling in my 20s, but it was not until my daughters were born that I began to take the entire process a bit more seriously. Sometimes I feel like I should have been a historian – I think documentation is so important.what was your first camera:
My first camera that I remember buying myself was an Olympus IS200 35mm. I bought it to travel with and it took great photographs – it was a workhorse.favorite thing to photograph:
My girls of course, but I love still life and food photography and all that it implies – everything from harvest to table and the beauty of lifestyle pieces that can lead to the quietness of still life.
favorite artist/photographer:
I love my friend Nanako’s work – I love how she sees. And I love the work of Marcus Nilsson. I adore John Singer Sarent, Marc Chagall and Jim Dine.most memorable advice you’ve been given:
My photography mentor and dear friend once contacted a rather well known editorial photographer asking for advice about the industry – he told her point blank, put yourself out there. It is slowly becoming my mantra – it is such an intimidating and competitive industry when you look at it from an editorial and commercial standpoint. But where would you be if you never shared your work?advice you’d give starting or aspiring photographers:
Shoot, shoot, shoot. Challenge yourself to look at things differently, experiment and to pick up an old film camera so you can truly appreciate the fundamentals of the art.favorite color:
light.if you could eat only one thing:
Cheese. Mostly Italian.something you can’t live without:
My family and girlfriends. And Pecorino Sardo {the best cheese ever}, Rosebud Salve, film, chocolate-peanut-butter-banana milkshakes and my Kitchen-Aid mixer.on r
epeat from your headphones:

British Sea Power, Sleepy Rebels, The Republic Tigers, The Watson Twins, The Hush Sound and Teddy Thompson.what inspires you:
Oh goodness, I could go on forever – but right now I love the feel of water, the smell of the earth after a morning rain, the taste of crisp apples, the sound of the leaves dancing on the sidewalk and the vision of old films tinged with age and melancholy.


8 Responses to “photographer spotlight: jen altman”

  1. Joslyn said:

    great, great post! i LOVE Jen’s work.

  2. Alexa Johnson said:

    These are my favorite weekly posts. And I’m very much in love with Jen’s work. I appreciate her style and celebration of “the quietness” in everyday/still life.

  3. cindy : quaint said:

    jen is a gem!

  4. Susannah said:

    i adore Jen’s work, so it’s a treat to read a bit more about her – thanks for sharing :-)

  5. Joanna Goddard said:

    i am completely in love with her photography. what sweet babies!!

  6. amy turn sharp of doobleh-vay said:

    my God. I love her work. I love the dunce hat one- am swooning!

  7. lush said:

    jen’s work is a true inspiration. so fun to read this!