right this second…

I can’t stop thinking about:
the colors in this photo.
that amazing hardwood floor.
the perfect stranger.
and that bottle of flowers.

I’m looking forward to:
Built to Spill tonight!
seeing baby Dominic tomorrow.

I’m loving:
these shoes.
these tights.
this skirt.
this cookbook.
this blanket.
and Borda, you’ll be proud…
I’m loving purple.

I’m happy:
that it’s Friday.

have a good one, friends!!

14 Responses to “right this second…”

  1. lucy said:

    i’ve been in love with those shoes from piperlime since i first saw them like 2 weeks ago. so adorable.

  2. alyson. said:

    oh my gosh, aren’t they adorable??

  3. Aran said:

    i actually have that cookbook and i love it. the shoes are beautiful and not that expensive, wow… and i love, love, love built to spill… “big dipper” is one of my all time favorite, “make me happy” songs ever! have a lovely weekend alyson!

  4. marc said:

    Love the photo. The wrought-iron balcony caught my eye.

  5. lina said:

    I’m loving your blog!

  6. UNIFORM Studio said:

    yes, tights!
    I missed them over the summer.
    hope you have a great weekend too:)

  7. daydreampilot said:

    love this photo and loving your blog!

  8. Borda said:

    I LOVE the purple dress! Too bad it’s currently 94 degrees outside, so I’m not in the mood for a long sleeved cashmere dress… I did buy the hottest purple dress ever over the weekend. I’ll have to share pictures once I wear it.

  9. stacy said:

    I like the bottle on the floor.

  10. Mélanie said:

    I love this photo

  11. meganalissa said:

    Great choices! i’m with you on the shoes (oddly similar looking to some Miharas I saw recently….maybe these are a bit more in my budget!). I also applaud the blanket/throw. It looks quite perfect!

  12. Amy Nieto said:

    omg that photo.

    i am taken.

    let’s find a medium format and shoot!!!!

  13. nadia said:

    beautiful photographs..i have to tell you how much i enjoy reading your entries.. a feeling of wholeness and connection with things and people adn oruself is very inspiring to me.

  14. etoilee8 said:

    I love shooting anything on hard wood floors when the light is right with my Nikon. I don’t think my D40 is great with bright sunlight, but when it’s dusk. . . c’est magnifique!