Anthropologie has a fantastic collection of scarves right now…
{from anthropologie}

6 Responses to “scarves”

  1. Aran said:

    i am such a scarf person… anthro has one in light blue with ruffles that i love

  2. Ariel said:

    the main reason why i’m excited for cold weather…

  3. ::{J}:: said:

    They do, love them all!

  4. Sal said:

    Wow, no kidding. Gave you an award today, m’dear. Stop by to see!

  5. Apt. #34 said:

    so does urban outfitters – so coveting!

  6. Laura said:

    It’s pretty roasty in NY right now so I don’t really want to think of scarves, but these are so pretty! This was definitely the summer of summer scarves.