silk + graphics

Banana Republic has had some pretty amazing dresses lately.
{from banana republic}

10 Responses to “silk + graphics”

  1. paula said:

    I do love these dresses, especially the top right one. i just started a blog too and was wondering if i could add you to my blog list? i find your blog inspiring!thanks.

  2. Amy Nieto said:

    I was walking around Pioneer and saw the black dress on the window display and thought to myself, Hmmm that’s a dress Alyson would totally wear. :)

  3. Megan. said:

    that blue dress at the bottom right corner is my favorite. i adore banana republic. and you for spotting this :)

  4. Colleen said:

    Totally off topic – I love your new header!

  5. Teal Chic said:

    Awesome dresses! This makes me want braids even more so!

  6. pve design said:

    bring back dresses.
    love these.

  7. Joslyn said:

    these are great…especially love the black cowl neck number in the upper left

  8. Sal said:

    Don’t they? I had to restrain myself from buying practically all of the jewel-toned ones they were showing a few weeks back … and these are equally chic!

  9. bernadette said:

    love banana! i am partial to the black and white one in the upper right corner…