sunday senses…

I love the smell of: chestnut scented candles
I love the taste of: home baked vanilla peach pie and cappuccino stout
I love the sight of: rain skipping on the street
I love the sound of: dlb strumming his guitar
I love the feel of: warm socks and snuggly kitties

{ok, I admit. I was a little bummed out on friday, but with a few little reminders, I remember, I still love fall. even if it does mean winter is a few months away.}

6 Responses to “sunday senses…”

  1. Mon Petit Lapin said:

    Oo what great senses pefect for a Sunday. You take great pictures, I have been noseying on Flickr!

  2. trupeach said:

    this picture is so warm and lovely.
    p.s. the new header is charming!

  3. Andi said:

    awh… i’m with you on that. I’m pulling out all my fall decor today. i cant wait for the candles!

  4. miss sophie said:

    what an inspiring post. i can’t wait for the autumn chill to hit the city! :)

    love your blog.

  5. porter hovey said:

    awwww. . . . it’s fall. couldn’t have said it better.

  6. Jessica said:

    I love winter because you get to bundle up and snuggle in, it is filled with hot chocolate and down comforters and great hats with large coats.

    Fall is great because I am going apple picking this weekend, can’t wait to see the leaves turn.