unruly things sponsors!

the Little Stitch by Parker Sewn is a lovely shop filled with handmade pillows and artwork. Susan, the woman behind Parker Sewn, couldn’t possibly be sweeter. she’s a pleasure to work with and her designs are simple lovely. {can you guess who designed her banner and ad?}
Moop is quite possibly one of my favorite shops I’ve posted about so when Wendy contacted me to place her ad on Unruly Things, I couldn’t have been more thrilled. I absolutely love The Market Bag and I’ve had my eyes on The Tote as well.


if you are interested in advertising on Unruly Things, please contact me and I’ll send you a media kit with our advertising specs! I’ve priced it just right for small business and shops.

6 Responses to “unruly things sponsors!”

  1. jess@thehomebound said:

    I have been eyeing that bag since you placed moop in your sponsors section. I love their stuff, so thanks for shedding light on them, otherwise I don’t think I would have found them.

  2. S.HOPtalk said:

    I faved the center tote just the other day. :) What a great sponsor!

  3. hoganfe said:

    OMGosh that center pillow is too cute!
    hoganfe handmade
    handbag originals

  4. kaili said:

    I just ordered the market bag from moop and then saw this posting. However, fi you’d like, you can claim responsibility for that sale. :) What a good fit for your blog!

  5. Kate said:

    the moop bags look lovely and roomy! (and I love the name :) )

  6. dcadriel said:

    the moop market is the best bag!
    if you have been eyeing it you need to purchase it you won’t be disappointed. i have been eyeing the duffel but i can’t imagine not using my market!