welcoming red polish

this lovely lady is inspiring me to go out and buy a blousey sweater dress, colorful scarf and promptly paint my nails red. perfect way to welcome fall, don’t you think?
{from le blog de betty}

11 Responses to “welcoming red polish”

  1. Sara Christine said:

    I just purchased my first bottle of red nail polish yesterday and gave myself a little pedicure. Must be something in the air!

  2. debbie said:

    yes to red nails! i tried dark burgundy the other day but it looked basically like black and my husband called me a goth (not exactly the look i strive for).

  3. Emily said:

    I am so happy that it is finally fall. I just love the cloths and this outfit is a perfec example of why.

  4. notebook doodles said:

    i notice a new banner! cute =)

  5. Megan. said:

    i really really love that scarf!

  6. Meltem said:

    I love fall and I love wearing on fall!

  7. erica said:

    another thing to add to my list of red. grey and red is just a winning combination!

  8. Stephanie said:

    Love this … and red nails are the business.

  9. littlebrownpen said:

    Definitely! Red nail polish is the best, and every fall I abandon my “sugar daddy” and “mademoiselle” in favor of “after sex” “double indemnity” and “wicked.” Obviously an Essie polish fan.

  10. jo said:

    uuhh, i like this very much!

  11. Kate said:

    I have been oogling that same photo all day! I love everything about her outfit, well, all her outfits for that matter.