I saw this lovely paprika orange dress in the window of Anthropologie yesterday and I’d love if it were hanging in my closet. complete with brown booties and a beautifully colored scarf.
{from anthropologie}
{p.s. do you ever have days where you just CAN’T type? that totally describes me today. I’ve deleted and re-written this post over and over because my fingers just won’t work. hm… maybe I need more sleep.}

4 Responses to “well-forged”

  1. Flora D said:

    {I have had this kind of day in the past!}
    Your blog looks lovely and makes me want to get ready for fall (in terms of clothes!)

  2. Kelly said:

    currently swooning. wow.


  3. jakedonohoe@yahoo.com said:

    That dress is totally amazing. I am thinking that it would be fabulous with little brown t-strap heels.,

  4. Heather said:

    My goodness, I am coveting that dress. I may have to find an excuse to wear it, thus justifying the buying of it. : >) I was at the fabric store yesterday drooling over some scarlet red wool jersey and a Vogue pattern very similar to this. Maybe I'll make it instead of buying this.