2 years + collection calendar

well hello friends!! I’ve missed you this week. there has been so much I’ve wanted to share.

I’ve got some exciting news to share with you today. today marks my two year blogiversary with Unruly Things. two years ago today, I began this little blog – not knowing fully what I wanted it to be or where I expected it to go, but with an idea for sharing my thoughts, I was ready. I have come such a long day since then. especially if you count my cross country move last summer! but I’m so happy, so so SO happy to be blogging and to have you as my readers. I enjoy popping on everyday to share my recent finds, love for photography, and thoughts. I blog because I like it but mostly, I blog because I love sharing my world with you. it’s a funny thing, the internet, and it amazes me everyday that I’ve met so many wonderful and kind people through this little blog of mine. so many of you can relate, blogging is like my second home. each of you have inspired me so much, and I thank you for continuing to read.
so I thought I’d share this memorable moment with an exciting update! my calendar, which I’ve been working on for a weeks now, is finally up in my shop! for those of you who follow my flickr, you may remember my series of collection walks. during these walks around the neighborhood or along the beach I’d pick up things as I went along. then I’d organize each collection on the path in a prominent space, and leave them for others to see their beauty. this inspired me so much, that I decided to translate each of my collections into my 2009 calendar.
and what’s a celebration without a little gift!?
for the first 5 calendars purchased, I’ll include a special little something extra just for you.

thank you for your orders so far!

a big thank you to you, readers!!! here’s to 2 years of blogging. and to many more.

38 Responses to “2 years + collection calendar”

  1. Ez said:

    Congratulations on 2 years of blogging! I’m so happy that I snagged one of these beautiful calendars… it is going to make the best holiday gift for someone special on my list!

  2. nichole said:

    Congrats on your anniversary!

    What a wonderful idea for your calendar. It must feel great to have that all come together in something so cool. Love it!

  3. Casey said:

    wow. it is beautiful. i love it! great great job!

  4. simplesong said:

    yay for you!! congrats + that calendar is so perfect! i love it. heading on over to snatch one up now! xo.

  5. ambika said:

    Congrats on your two year anniversary! The calendars look lovely–and I do remember your collections so am smiling to see them represented here.

  6. Jackie said:

    congrats on two years of blogging. what a creative idea for your calendar. i love that there is a significance behind the art.

  7. Alicia said:

    LOVE IT – sadly (for me!) I was too late to snag one to adorn my walls!

  8. alyson. said:

    there are plenty of calendars left in the shop! just click the shop link. :)

    thanks so much for your kind comments everyone!! I’m so pleased that you enjoy the calendar as much as I do!

  9. Aran said:

    you are so inspiring alyson…. these are beauties. congratulations on the 2 yr anniversary!

  10. Chris said:

    Very pretty! And happy anniversary!

  11. Emily said:

    Happy anaversary! Wow 2 years is a long time. I hope to keep reading your posts for another two.

  12. jo said:

    happy blog birthday my dear!!! what can i say? you inspire me constantly!

    and you know i adore collection walks, don’t ya?

    puss och kram (kiss and hug in svenska n_n)

  13. Annady said:

    Happy Blog Birthday!

    BTW… your calendar’s beautiful!

  14. Amy Nieto said:

    Woot woot. I have held the calendar in my hands and I can truly say it AWESOME. BUY BUY BUY!

  15. Sarah said:

    Yay for Alyson and unruly things! Congrats friend :)

  16. abby said:

    What a great calendar!
    and Happy, Happy Anniversary!!!

  17. Sal said:

    Hurrah! Congrats, lady!

  18. Joslyn said:

    happy blog anniversary + LOVE the calendar.

  19. abby said:

    2 years way to go :D i love love your blog + those calendars!

  20. Marta Mourão said:

    Happy blog aniversary Alyson! And congrats on the calendar, it´s beautiful!

  21. Soon, Then said:

    Congrats! What a lovely little calendar, and a splendid way to celebrate time passing and anniversaries! How fitting!

  22. Catherine said:

    Your calendar is so sweet congratulations, and you blog is lovely so I look forward to many new posts in the future.

  23. Julia said:

    Congrats on your 2 years — the calendar is so pretty!

  24. Vintage Indie said:

    Congratulations! What a great achievement and to celebrate with such beautiful art, I love it!

  25. Brooke said:

    Congratulations! Very pretty calendar!

  26. albertaphotography said:

    what a magnificent idea for a calendar! I wish you GRAND success with it in your shop. I’ve been away from reading blogs most of the summer … I will make an attempt to visit some of my old faves (such as yours) as winter grows.

    Diane, north of the 55th

  27. Gilly said:

    I’ve just ordered one of your calendars. I just love your artwork. You’ll think me silly but I didn’t realise this was your blog when I placed the order for the blog header!

  28. Erica said:

    Congratulations – and the calendar is so beautiful.

  29. Abi said:

    Oh wow!
    i love love the calender. Just gorgeous. xx

  30. Kate said:

    the calendar is amazing!! congrats, I’m totally buying one if you put more in the shop. I totally missed this last week.

  31. andreagibbes said:

    I wish I would have started following you 2 years ago!! (I’m relatively new)…congrats on your beautiful calendar!!

  32. Kristine said:

    Ooh, they are just gorgeous Alyson. Are you going to print any more? If you do, can you put me on the waitlist. I definitely want one – the prettiest calender I’ve seen.

  33. Bonbon Oiseau said:

    congratulations! and beautiful work…

  34. juliette c. said:

    Buon giorno Alyson.
    Let me say your ‘touch’ is so precious!

  35. the girl documentary said:

    these calendars are absolutely adorable! love, love, looove them

  36. Laura @ the shorehouse. said:

    I’m a little late to the congratulations game…but, congratulations! :-) I loooooovvvveee the calendars. So classic.

  37. a friend to knit with said:

    hi alyson…..will you be making more calendars?