calling cards

customized calling cards available in the shop. these are for the lovely Caroline, I hope you love them!

coming soon: pre-designed calling cards!

5 Responses to “calling cards”

  1. .kate said:

    I love these, as a calling card holder myself, I pride myself on knowing at anytime I can hand these out.

    I wish it were the old days when people actually came calling, and left one in your foyer if you weren’t home.

    Sorry for babbling on.

  2. simplesong said:

    super cute, as always!

  3. Chris said:

    Oh I love these! Very, very pretty.

  4. megan and melissa said:

    I’m looking for an excuse to get some for myself…I don’t think I will have to look very far. Love your designs!

  5. Cher Ami said:

    can’t wait to see the pre-designed ones