ceramic spoons

I’d like to say I’m not a spoon collector, just a spoon lover. I have lots of tiny spoons in my kitchen some used for dips, finishing salts, etc and others well… they are just artistic. but these spoons I love. I love the organic quality of them and the roughness around the edges.
{from mudpuppy}

7 Responses to “ceramic spoons”

  1. Joslyn said:

    i love these so much…i found some similiar little white ceramic spoons when i was in germany for work, and they are one of my favorite things.

  2. Jane said:

    Oh wow, what a lovely shop!

  3. Jessica said:

    these are pretty incredible. I love them. I am looking forward to your contribution to Truant.

  4. mudpuppy said:

    Hi Alyson, I LOVE your blog, and thank you for including my spoons. I appreciate the support. I also noticed you are in Portland…if you get a chance stop by Ink & Peat and say hi to Pam for me, she carries some of my work and the place looks incredible. All the best to you and your readers, ~Mike (a.k.a. mudpuppy)

  5. the purcells said:

    these spoons are adorable and i love them! we have a lot of spoons as well but i don’t really think you can ever have too many. just discovered your blog and love it!!

  6. Leslie said:

    Those spoons are awesome! I have one small ceramic spoon in my salt pig, but it would be fun to have a collection. Thanks for the shop link.

  7. Vintage Indie said:

    I love those spoons! Have you seen Giada (food network) She uses ceramic spoons a lot, I love how they clank.