church & state

oh, could I possibly love one clothing line any more than I love Chuch & State? their style is impeccable and I love the little details on each garment. not to mention, I’ve already been hunting down some bright red wellies. thanks Suann, for reminding me to check out their fall collection.
{from church & state}

13 Responses to “church & state”

  1. DeSmitten said:

    beautiful clothing!

  2. paula said:

    isn’t the photography stunning. oh yeah, and the clothes aren’t too bad themselves.

  3. Courtney said:

    I, too, have some of their images scheduled to post this afternoon — their collection and photographs are so beautiful!

    Have you ever seen their pieces in person?

  4. the girl documentary said:

    gosh, seriously… the stuff you share here… AMAZING! i love your blog!

  5. Caroline @ Absolutely Unique said:

    Love that coat! Beautiful :)

  6. Jackie said:

    the styling of these shots is amazing. and those wellies, gorgeous!

  7. amanda said:

    omg those clothes are gorgeous.
    the dress and the coat!
    i want..and the shoes.

    thanks for the heads up, alyson.

  8. erica said:

    so gorgeous! i wish this line were easier to find on the east coast.

  9. nichole said:

    Those are quite possible the coolest 3 photos in a row, ever. I want it all!

  10. Shelby said:

    Such darling pieces and I LOVE the photos

  11. Aria said:

    I don’t know the last time that I met a clothing line that I loved so unconditionally as this one. Thank you, thank you.

  12. Shimmy Shake said:

    Oh my goodness how I love Church and State! I loved the braided hairdo’s of last season, so adorable. I love the red wellies as well, so fun. I’d need more rain and less snow though, to justify the purchase!