department of eagles

dlb is constantly turning me on to new music. his latest find is the fantastic band, Department of Eagles. we’ve had their music on repeat for days now. Department of Eagles is Fred Nicolaus and Grizzly Bear member, Daniel Rossen, so naturally their sound is a toss up between a Grizzly Bear remix and Beatles coverband. I can’t get their song, No One Does It Like You out of my head.
listen here or here.

8 Responses to “department of eagles”

  1. Jackie said:

    sounds interesting. i’ll have to check them out.

    i wanted to let you know i tagged you on my blog. if you’re interested in playing along, check it out here. thanks a bunch!

    oh and hey, i’m also doing a little cd swap of great fall songs. i loved the mix i got from you in your swap last year. i can imagine you have some great fall feeling favorites too. email if you’re interested.

  2. the girl documentary said:

    what a sweet band. i love that song too. thanks for sharing. ! (but i guess that is what you do in this blog) =)

  3. Mon Petit Lapin said:

    Yes yes yes we continually have their ‘cold nose’ album on repeat in our house!

  4. kellyr said:

    Hey, That’s my friend Jen knitting! Wow!

  5. Kate said:

    Oh nice, I’ve been hearing so much about them. Finally listened, I love No One Does It Like You! So good. I needed some new music, thanks.

  6. Joanna Goddard said:

    this photo of them is so cute.

  7. theyellowbucket said:

    dlb must have some good musical taste! they are such a wonderful band. caught their first show at the bell house a few nights ago, highly recommend that new venue out in brooklyn.

  8. Feaverish said:

    I love them! Been listening all morning :)