fern hill photo shoot

my Saturday was all about cameras, boots, sunshine, and making new friends. 14 amazing ladies got together for a photo shoot at a fantastic farm in Forrest Grove. Whitney’s parents were kind enough to let us tromp around on their farm for 3 glorious hours of photographic fun. it was so fun to watch everyone’s process, especially with Polaroid and peel apart film. I’d never seen one of those bad boys in action and it was really cool!
check out our flickr group for some of the amazing photos from the shoot. I’ve still got 3 rolls of film to be developed so I can imagine that there will be some more trickling in as the week goes on!
a huge thanks for everyone for coming out. I loved meeting each of you in person and I can’t wait to shoot with each of you again.
{the ladies of fern hill like to wear boots…, untitled, untitled, it was all about boots and cameras}

26 Responses to “fern hill photo shoot”

  1. cori said:

    oh yay! alyson, it was so great to meet you. what a wonderful, fun day! i’m so grateful i was able to be a part of it :)

  2. debbie said:

    it’s so exciting to see everyone’s pictures! i hope we can do it again sometime, it was great to get to know you a little better :)

  3. Freckle Farm said:

    yay for boots and sunshine and like minded ladies!

  4. kara - allthingsordinary said:

    these look so inspiring and girly…I will check them out in more detail!

  5. Stacy said:

    the photos are fantastic.

    p.s. I am starting a gift exchange for this holiday season and thought you might enjoy participating. You can get all the details at my blog, here

  6. Soon, Then said:

    Oh how fun! Seriously, did you guys plan to wear boots, or was it just an amazing fashion-coincidence? Love the photos I’m seeing!

  7. erika @ urban grace said:

    looks like a blast! what fun!!!

  8. Joanna Goddard said:

    cute cute cute!

  9. Jane said:

    Looks like a fantastic outing! Lovely pictures <3

  10. alisa said:

    I love the colors of the photos. They are definitely fall colors.

  11. Amy Nieto said:

    The boots were a total coincidence. :) :)

  12. chelsea said:

    dreamy photos. it all looks so fantastic. wish i could have made it. hopefully next time!

  13. notebook doodles said:

    oh.my.gosh!!!! i am going over to the flickr group to favorite the photos. amazing!!

  14. Heather said:

    OH WOW!!! It looks like you-all had SO much fun. I wanna play too!

    Stupid question…where do you find all the Polariod film??

  15. nichole said:

    Gorgeous! Just feasted on the fabulous flickr photos … well done. Put me in a good mood this morning!

  16. Sal said:

    Utterly and completely lovely.

  17. the ghostis said:

    This is such a good idea to have this sort of photography meetup. How did you coalesce?

  18. Dallas Shaw said:

    I love the photos with all of the boots. LOVE. I am going to the flickr site rihgt now!

  19. simplesong said:

    wow…this looks like SO much fun!

  20. Kate said:

    so jealous! every photo turned out amazing.

  21. Ariel said:

    the colors in your photographs are absolutely beautiful! i love them.

  22. Chris said:

    These are great! Looks like it was a blast, which always translates into the photos, you know?

  23. Natalia said:

    the photographs are amazing.. and all those polaroids!!

  24. maplesyruponly said:

    super jealous still, ahhh! i’m really hoping for a kick off to 2009 in snow all bundled up with everyone there. i want in, and should be in portland soon! i want to hug all these ladies!

  25. nikole said:

    oh, that looks fun!

  26. naomi megan said:

    looks like fun. lovely photos. i love polaroids.