hello october

October is my favorite month. it’s what I consider the beginning of fall and it’s what gets me in the mood for the holidays. {I love Halloween and I actually woke up with a Christmas song in my head this morning… if that’s not getting in the mood, I don’t know what is.}
my favorite thing about October is pumpkins! I love love LOVE pumpkin. pumpkin curry, pumpkin black bean soup, pumpkin butter, pumpkin waffles, punkin ale, and of course, pumpkin pie.
hello October, I’m off to bake a pumpkin pie or two or three.
{photos by mav. check out her autumn set for more inspiration.}

15 Responses to “hello october”

  1. chop sticks said:

    I even offer pumpkin chemical peels! I love october and anything pumpkin as well.

    Oh! And you have GOT to try Rhonda Allison pumpkin cleanser. It is the most pleasant cleanser I have ever used and it will remind you of October goodness every morning!

  2. Jane said:

    Beautiful photos. Pumpkin butter sounds delicious, I might have to try it! :)

  3. Freckle Farm said:

    these are lovely photos. very sweet, and pretty colors. i can’t wait for pumpkin seeds and pumpkin soup!

  4. Tartelette said:

    It still feels like summer here in spite of what the calendar says but I bought mini pumpkins to help get in the mood. I just made some pumpkin macarons to help! I love October and it always gets me in a crafty spirit!

  5. pen and paper said:

    I love fall. It’s my favorite season. I feel like something about the weather and the cold helps me really get in gear; I make more things, read more things, write more things once October rolls around.

    Of course, like Tartelette said, this summer’s been ominously warm. Even now the fashionable women in my town are still wearing crepe-thin jersey dresses and sandals and such. Still, I’ve started braising and baking apples and doing all those autumn things to get in the mood.

  6. Robin said:

    October is my favorite too! I love pumpkin pie soooooo much, I have some cooked pumpkin saved in the freezer from last year and I can’t wait to make pie with it!

  7. Emily said:

    I agree October truly is the start of fall. Although the weather dosen’t seem to agree. It was very warm today. I just posted a recipe for chocolate chip pumpkin squares if you are interested. They taste very pumpkin like.

  8. amanda said:

    mm yes cept october means spring for me
    you guys are lucky with halloween. its just not done here at all. i cant wait for the time of yr when i am living in canada and get to experience a real nth american halloween.

  9. Helen said:

    I love october and autumn too! Although it’s been very wet here so far. Pumpkins aren’t in the shops yet either :( But when they are I plan on making pumpkin soup and pumpkin cupcakes hmmm. I also sometimes use butternut squash in it’s place cos that’s more easily available here – just as yummy!

  10. Michelle said:

    Yes, October is all sorts of wonderful. :)

  11. seralouisa said:

    the pictures capture so much … x

  12. erica said:

    hooray for october!! definitely my most favorite month by far. can’t wait to gorge myself on pumpkin everything.

    please share your pumpkin pie recipe! i’ve had such great success with your recipes so far, they give me hope that i’m not completely useless when it comes to cooking.

  13. ambika said:

    I’ve always felt like fall doesn’t really start in the Northwest until October. There’s always nice weather straggling into September–which I suppose makes up for the fact that June is often so terrible!

  14. sarbear said:

    oh so lovely pictures. and i’m so excited to try all of those pumpkin recipes. thanks for the share.

  15. Eric and Jill said:

    You forgot pumpkin ICECREAM!!! YUM!