I don’t knit…

I tried. it didn’t exactly work out.
but if I did, I’d make this neckwarmer from this pattern. however, my grandmother has been itching to knit. packaged in a pretty envelope, I sent off the instructions to her last week.
I’m excited.
{from pip-squeak chapeau}

9 Responses to “I don’t knit…”

  1. High-Heeled Foot in the door said:

    I’ve tried it and couldn’t really get the hang out it. I put all my stuff away and now I can’t even remember how to start up with it again.

    Yay to grandma’s that can knit.

    I’ll take one as well. Please.


  2. Gilly said:

    oh that’s wonderful. My mother is a perfect knitter so I think I’ll sweetheart her into knitting this for me!

  3. Kristine said:

    I don’t knit either, but I do agree that this one would be fun to try. On another note, I can’t believe I didn’t have you on my blog roll when I so enjoy your blog everyday. I’ve rectified that complete oversight and you are now in my sidebar. Cheers.

  4. Caroline @ Absolutely Unique said:

    I love that neckwarmer. It has to be easy (I don’t knit either) :)

  5. The Lil Bee said:

    I don’t knit either, but this neck warmer makes me want to learn how. I used to know how to crochet. Sadly, I don’t think it’s like riding a bike. I picked up the needles years later and just stared at them blankly.

  6. Chris said:

    This looks super warm, especially for those days when the icy air gets into your coat!

  7. Kate said:

    I tried knitting back when there was this sudden boom and everyone and their mother was learning how to knit, and I just got SOOO bored. I’m way too impatient! My friend has a knitting machine and I’ve been begging her to make me something rad.

  8. Sal said:

    How fun! I tried knitting for a while, but it just didn’t stick. Can’t wait to see your gran’s version of this neckwarmer.

  9. Heidi said:

    Alyson, I actually picked one up the other day – soft of similar to the one in your picture at Matin + Osa. Let me see if I can find a link…here we go. It actually looks much better in person than it does in the pic, and is really soft. -h