in shades of red…

it’s officially turned into fall.
{see my fall photo set}

18 Responses to “in shades of red…”

  1. paula said:

    your fall photo set made me want to wrap up in a cozy blanket in front of the fire with that pie! maybe i’ll wait till i’m home from the beach though.

  2. Nantucket Dreams said:

    beautiful nail polish!

  3. bri said:

    everything about this picture reminds me why i love fall, and red.

  4. Freckle Farm said:

    yay for fall! (except today feels much like winter…)

  5. Megan said:

    what a great fall photo, the color of your tights, nail polish, and that leaf blend together flawlessly. happy fall!

  6. trupeach said:

    this photo is just perfect!

  7. Curiosity Killed the Cat said:

    can you tell us what the nail polish is? i love it!

  8. alyson. said:

    no problem! it’s OPI, Got the Blues for Red.

  9. Jane said:

    I’m in love with your tights.

  10. Joanna Goddard said:

    pretty nails!!

  11. notebook doodles said:

    perfect photo for fall!! love your nails and love those tights =)

  12. Sal said:

    That image captures all the wonder that is fall.

  13. Sanna said:

    Great picture, the colors are the best!

  14. Joslyn said:

    stunning. love those red nails! and tights!!

  15. Catherine said:

    Lovely autumn photograph! The red nails and tights are so cute.

  16. spread your wings said:

    this is a beautiful photo. i live the little yellow and green leaf, it adds character to the shot

  17. Julia said:

    Beautiful! It’s tights and sweater season again! (Altho, where I’m from, San Francisco, it’s always tights and sweater season!)