monday and gourds!

hi friends! thanks so much for the well wishes. I’m feeling lots better. it’s great to know what good rest and lots of movie watching can do for you.
I was able to get out of the house for a bit this weekend, despite feeling sick. I bundled up in my hoodie and went to a little farm on Sauvie’s Island in search of a pumpkin. instead, dlb and I picked out these tiny gourds! to put their size into perspective, that little yellow squash shaped one is just about 2 inches long. love.
I’m working on finishing up the calendars for tomorrow’s shop update. I’m so happy with your enthusiasm about the calendar. I really love the way it turned out and couldn’t be happier. the shop update is scheduled for tomorrow at 10am PST! hope to see you there!

3 Responses to “monday and gourds!”

  1. Afton said:

    oh i love the little baby yellow one! he looks like a fat rain drop.

  2. Summer said:

    ooh the white with orange crevices is lovely!

    p.s. this is my first stop at your splendid spot here- i look forward to coming back! (and excited for your shop update)

  3. Amy Nieto said:

    I wish i had picked a few of them at Krugers farm. They were all so cute and tiny and adorable!

    But sadly, I needed to spend money on food I could actually eat and stuff.