monday, terrariums, and more!

I hope everyone had a fantastic weekend! dlb and I built our first terrarium, of many I hope! we found the perfect vessel – a gallon sized Mason jar – and added a few plants and rocks. after keeping ourselves busy most of Friday night and Saturday, we spent the entire day Sunday relaxing. it rained all day. it was soft, drizzling rain that almost looked like snow. I spent the whole day in my lounge pants and didn’t leave the apartment once!
I got a lot of work done though. especially to my 2009 calendar, which I’ll debut this Sunday at Crafty Wonderland. I completely changed my mind about the direction of the calendar so I started from scratch yesterday. I made a big dent, but I’ve got lots to do and lots to prepare.
so, I’ll be in and out this week. I have a wonderful photographer set up for the spotlight on Wednesday as well as some etsy finds and new recipes for milk eggs chocolate.

until then, have a great week friends!

3 Responses to “monday, terrariums, and more!”

  1. MGU said:

    I love terrariums and love that jar!

  2. Jane said:

    Lovely terrarium! I love them, they are so unique and add so much to a furniture piece/room.

  3. karyn said:

    your terrarium looks amazing! i’d love to know what kind of plants you used, they look so cute.