not your ordinary pumpkins

I’m totally smitten with Mary’s pumpkin selection. not a single orange one in the bunch. aren’t those stems fantastic?
{from mary…}

9 Responses to “not your ordinary pumpkins”

  1. .kate said:

    sometimes I am in awe at how far your posts can make my mouth gape in foolish delight each time I visit.

    I LOVE these. I must know where to find them!

  2. Laura @ the shorehouse. said:

    LOVE. I saw multicolor pumpkins at a nursery in the “beach ‘burbs” last weekend but didn’t have time to stop. My plan is to load up on these non-orange beauts this weekend.

  3. abby said:

    i love that it is pumpkin season!

  4. Jessica said:

    can you believe we are in pumpkin season?! I surely can’t and I am very excited…

  5. paula said:

    oh, how i love that grey one. so far we have two green ones and soon we will have a orange one. The kiddos really like the orange.

  6. Joslyn said:

    i agree! i love these…white pumpkins are my favorite. stunning

  7. lisa said:

    Hi Alyson,

    I just discovered your blog(s) and I think they are lovely. These pumpkins are amazing!

  8. Absolutely Unique said:

    I love those pumpkinks! So pretty. I want one!

  9. Casey said:

    at HEB grocery store, over here, they have “fairy tale” pumpkins… and they look very much like those. they do have orange, but very muted orange… they are so great!