oh my…

I’m not normally one to like exposed zippers but, I am in love with this dress.
{from anthro}

10 Responses to “oh my…”

  1. nichole said:

    SMOKIN hot. You did press the “order” button, right?

  2. alyson. said:

    ah…. if only my logic would let me spend the price tag on it, rather than being practical and spending that on like 5 other things. :)

    but it’s sooooo hot.

    and second time I’ve heard SMOKIN today and I can’t help but hear Jimmy Carey in my head.

  3. Meghan said:

    I just bookmarked this dress too… crossing my fingers it goes on sale before the holidays! Love your blog!

  4. Mishka said:

    Love it! This would be such an amazing holiday dress!

  5. Nature Grafitti said:


  6. notebook doodles said:

    i don’t usually like red.. but that dress could be very festive for christmas =)

  7. Christina said:

    I was at the trim store the other day and I found Satin zippers, SO PRETTY! I want to buy the $18 zipper just to make a beautiful dress around it!

  8. Amy Nieto said:

    haha yeah exposed zippers do make me twitch my neck a bit. But that IS a killer dress. You need to dress up one day, I’ve only seen you in “regular” clothes!