photographer spotlight: destiny dawson

today’s photographer is Destiny Dawson, one of the most amazing people I’ve ever met. her kindness is so bright and her photography is incredible. I love her passion for photography and can say, that she was quite possibly my biggest inspiration to get out and shoot film. she recently moved from Portland to Colorado, but I hear rumors that she’s coming back! I hope to shoot with her soon. check out her stream for more gorgeous photos and get ready for a fantastic interview.


what first sparked your interest in photography:
My father and absolute hero is a wonderful analog photographer. I remember hazy, early mornings in Alaska of being 2 or 3, carried around on my dad’s back in one of those kiddie-backpack contraptions while he went out on photo shoots. Climbing rocks, walking the beach, adventuring….all with me in tow. There was so much magic in those mornings. I think there was something in me that eventually became very inspired and found value in the whole process of photography after those early experiences.
what was your first camera:
The same I use now, my dad’s old Canon AE-1.favorite thing to photograph:
Beautiful moments in everyday life we all tend to overlook. Beauty in simplicity. Lights, shadows, honest expressions on the faces of people I love.favorite artist/photographer:
It’s so hard to choose one artist. I am ever inspired. I suppose the first famous photographer whose work I really fell in love with was David Bailey. I have this fascination with the whole ’60s time period. The fashion, the music, the subcultures; the whole renaissance of it all. He captured it all so well. There’s a new Flickr member I’ve found who happens to be blowing my mind at the moment called i.anton.most memorable advice you’ve been given:
Love yourself, do what you love, and everything else will fall into place.. Thanks, Dad.advice you’d give starting or aspiring photographers:
Bring your camera with you everywhere, some of the best moments can be lost without it. Never, never, never stop shooting. Discouraging moments and filler shots will turn into something beautiful eventually.favorite color:
Green. There’s something both loud and earth-like about it.if you could eat only one thing:
Sushi. Everyday.something you can’t live without:
Inspiration. Without it I don’t feel completely alive.on repeat from your headphones:
Waterloo Sunset by The Kinks. It’s so beautiful and suits the energy in my life right now.
hat inspires you:

Life, love, heartache, laughter, friendship. Finding moments where I’m actually impressed with my art as well as that of other artists. It keeps the creative process going.

17 Responses to “photographer spotlight: destiny dawson”

  1. Dennise said:

    Beautiful work!

  2. Absolutely Unique said:

    Lovely post and beautiful shots! I loved that father’s advice. And I think is totally true!

  3. Joanna Goddard said:

    great glasses!!

  4. Lauren K said:

    Lovely work. The one with the parachute is fabulous! Heck, they’re all fabulous!

  5. chiara said:

    just found your blog – i love it! your photos are wonderful.

  6. Alicia said:

    beautiful photographs, inspiring interview!

  7. Jane said:

    I love these interview posts! So inspiring. :) My favorite photo is the one with the girls on the bench.

  8. Chris said:

    Very impressive. Great talent and a great outlook on life!

  9. the girl documentary said:

    wow.wow.wooww. these photographs are amazing. and what amazing words from the artist. i loved this post!

    (p.s. david bailey is one of my favourites as well! and so is that canon ae-1)


  10. nichole said:

    I have such a photography fetish. Thanks for sharing her work and thoughts.

  11. Kirsten said:

    Thanks for the post! I’ve loved that photo of the girl with glasses for so long and always wanted to know more about the photographer. Awesome interview.

  12. coco+kelley said:

    such an inspiring post and love the photography ~ the first one is especially amazing!

  13. Heidi said:

    The girls on the bench makes me want to get my best hat on and hang out with my close friends in the park. I’m slightly envious as we never just hang out like that. They all say it’s too cold so we end up down the pub!! :D Love that photograph.

  14. v said:

    i love the parachute shot ^^

  15. Claire said:

    beautiful piece of work…

  16. Amy Nieto said:

    I believe the Canon AE-1 is one of the best 35mm film cameras ever produced. i used my ex-roomie’s for a few months and it was such a delight, sturdy thing.

    I really liked her comment about being a little kid and accompanying her father on photoshoots out in nature. Deep inside, I envy that memory, it sort of hits a very empty spot in my heart. If I ever have children (or nephews… or heck, I dunno, a cat), I want to make sure that kid grows with memories like this that will shape how he/she will view the world once grown up.

    lol sorry, I guess our shoot today left me in a sentimental mood!

  17. Ms Unreliable said:

    Beautiful, warm photos. Love the hot air balloon and the blue balloons.