photographer spotlight: mary wells

what a perfect day to introduce the newest addition to the photographer spotlight, Mary Wells. if you’ve never seen Mary’s work, you’re in for a treat. no tricks here! Mary’s photos are incredibly moving. the emotion in her pictures is fantastic. I especially enjoy seeing her love for the world, especially her husband, shine through her photos. {she and Doug are one of the cutest couples ever!} I bet you’ll especially love her pack film set as much as I do. meet Mary, and take a minute on your Spooky Friday to enjoy some wonderful photography!


what first sparked your interest in photography:
I remember when I was little loving looking through my moms photo albums of her life in Colorado and wishing I could take pictures just like that- when I was 15 I started to volunteer at the community theater where I met a professor name Jerry who also did photography on the side and I really enjoyed talking to him in the evenings about his hobby. Talking to Jerry really helped push me in that direction.what was your first camera:
I remember when I was little getting a polaroid from my dad’s friend (who we called uncle Moe) but I had to share it with my sisters. When I was a teenager my mom got me a cheap 35mm camera for my birthday and my first digital was the Nikon D100 that I got used from Jerry.favorite thing to photograph:
I really love my environments. I love the home my husband and I created with our pets :) and I really enjoy my time at the beach, I go about two days a week. I also love capturing moments with my family and friends along with still life.favorite artist/photographer:
This changes so often but lately I’ve been loving Pierre Crocquet and his book “Enter Exit”
Also, I grew up loving Shel Silverstein. I made it my mission to collect every book he did and his work still inspires me till this day.most memorable advice you’ve been given:
Don’t be afraid to take the picture
advice you’d give starting or aspiring photographers:
Keep your camera close by, keep shooting, take shots of moments you never want to let go, and don’t worry about it coming out perfect.favorite color:
I really love brown. I like it best with greens and blues (and pink)if you could eat only one thing:
pasta and cheese.. I would say tacos because I love them but I don’t want to be gassy all the time :)something you can’t live without:
my family (including our pets), my goofy friends and camera of course. I also couldn’t live without my sewing machine, bike, cartoons and candy (man, I love candy)…. that’s a lot of things huh? I’ve never been good at picking one thing when it came to this question.on repeat from your headphones:
Denison Witmer is who I’ve been listening to non-stop
these days. Right now I love listening to “Breathe In This Life” and “Paper Doll”what inspires you:
everyday life, my husband and his many ways of fixing things or coming up with solutions. they always seem to be funny and really creative. My friends, children, music , the great outdoors and so many strangers.

4 Responses to “photographer spotlight: mary wells”

  1. Aran said:

    beautiful work! i love reading these interviews.

  2. Ana said:

    Great interview. I especially love her shout out to Shel Silverstein!

  3. the girl documentary said:

    oh my, what great great photos. !

  4. Steph Parke said:

    Wow, Alyson, thank you for spotlighting so many great photographers. I just spent an hour or so reading through all of them! Thanks for introducing me to some new favorites!

    And of course, Mary’s work is awesome. I think she and Doug are the cutest couple ever.