pretty pumpkins

I love these two ideas for carving delicate lacy pumpkins.
{from martha}

15 Responses to “pretty pumpkins”

  1. debbie said:

    those are great :)

  2. Afton said:

    good luck trying to carve that on wednesday after a few mugs of mulled wine. ;)

  3. MGU said:

    I’m a pumpkin convert now. Stunning!

  4. natalie blair said:

    wow… these are stunning. thank you so much for sharing the links! i can’t wait to try the lace carvings out.

  5. Jamie said:

    ooo, those are beautiful…wonder if I can get my kids to do that, hehe?

  6. {michelle} said:

    I want all of them lined up, lit up, in my apartment window!

  7. Chris said:

    Wow…those are so, so cool! Very pretty effect with them all lit together like that, too.

  8. notebook doodles said:

    oh wow. that is amazing.

  9. trupeach said:

    oooh. such grown up jack-o-lanterns.

  10. Sal said:

    Those are astonishing!

  11. Flora D said:

    these are REALLY nice!

  12. S said:

    Simply gorgeous! I absolutely LOOOVE these…thanks for sharing them :) {We re-posted & linked to you as this is too good not to share!}. .xoxo.

  13. Joanna Goddard said:

    soooo beautiful

  14. erica said:

    oh my god, these are amazing. i can barely do the standard jack o lantern face, but maybe that’s because i’ve never tried a power drill!

  15. Emily said:

    if only i were a little more skilled with my pumpkin carving, i’d make these in a heartbeat. i love your blog…would you like to trade links?