right this second…

I’ve got:
travel on the mind.

yes, please. anthro visits iceland.

gold, shimmer, and sparkle.

boracay, davao, and bliss.

brown, purple, and white.

and how about you? where are you dreaming of traveling?


come visit me at Crafty Wonderland on Sunday. I’ll be debuting my 2009 calendar which I’ve been working very hard on this week. I’ll also have some other goodies for sale.
and I’ve got some exciting news coming up! so stay tuned!

have a nice weekend, I hope you drift off into another land like me.
{photo from anthro creative}

15 Responses to “right this second…”

  1. Cher Ami said:

    good picks! i’ve been wanting to go to Norway for a while, but airfare is nuts. Might settle for Portland or somewhere in New England for Fall :)

  2. ambika said:

    Right now I’m dreaming about Barcelona because that’s where we were last year. Sigh.

  3. Emily said:

    Travel is ALWAYS on my mind. I have been dreaming about Greece these days. My lucky father just left for london today!! Have a wonderful weekend.

  4. LivreMysterieux said:

    I am most eager to travel to Denmark, and someday (I MUST) reside there. Copenhaegan is voted the most live-able city in the world, plus it is the cycling capital of the world! It’s such a dream of mine!

    Your blog is so pleasant! I am glad to have stumbled upon it, I have been studying photography for around three years now and I love seeing what others are doing with it.

  5. jo said:

    oh yeeeeees, iceland is an often destination of my dreams!

    also finland. i’m dying to go to there.

    and norway and denmark. and russia too n_n

  6. Amy Nieto said:

    Ah. I hate to admit this, but I’d like to be in Vegas as well, even if just two days. I guess I miss my brother and the friendships I made in the short time I lived there?

    odd odd odd.

  7. barbjensen said:

    Did you get a new banner, or did I just notice how great it is today?

    I love your fall photo in shades of red, btw.

  8. paula said:

    my 3 year old daughter can’t get enough of the anthro “book”. we go through it over and over and make up stories about what the ladies are doing. her choice not mine;)

  9. Aran said:

    beautiful photo… i just came back from a 2 week trip back home in northern spain… green and orange and blue and red are on my mind.

  10. Jennifer said:

    I’ll be visiting my brother in Bangkok this year.

    Iceland is another place on my list. Seems so peaceful and out of the ordinary.

  11. Nicole Marie said:

    Greece, Budapest, Holland, Belgium, Australia, Alaska, Canada, Boston, Dallas, Italy,

    the list goes on and on

  12. Joanna Goddard said:

    love that photo.

  13. Eunice said:

    Hehehe, Philippines. Boracay and Davao in particular. I’ve been to Boracay before high school. [; Alaska is super nice, I was just there during the summer. Ohh and Vegas? I live here but hmm.. haha drop by at Donna Beam Gallery (it’s inside UNLV). Or First Friday, if you want to see the cultural side of LV.

  14. Claudia said:

    I’m dreaming of going back to Iceland and Sweden…my favorite places in the world :)

  15. Joanna Goddard said:

    god, i am so dying to go to iceland. i keep coming back to this post to see the pics!