warmth and a big ball of yarn

at the top of my “to purchase for winter list” is a few more sweaters. big, cozy sweaters. long, cable cardigans. sweater tights. and maybe a few giant balls of yarn.
{from anthropologie, of course}


8 Responses to “warmth and a big ball of yarn”

  1. Tori said:

    GORGEOUS!! and I seriously want to make me some big balls of yarn! [ps I just love your blog!]

  2. Erica said:

    oh I second this!

  3. Freckle Farm said:

    mmmmmm maybe we’ll have to make a quick stop there after lunch on thursday!

  4. shanalines said:

    the giant balls of yarn rule.

  5. Chris said:

    Love that second look, especially the boots, gloves, and bag!

  6. Mandi said:

    I can never get enough cardigans. here here!

  7. Megan said:

    i love those orange gloves! so pretty!