arcana soaps

I admit. I was first attracted to the packaging. then it was the names and ingredients like organic honey yogurt, scurvy-preventing limes, or a touch of pure Artemisia Absinthium that finally won me over. these pretty soaps are handmade in Portland too.
so I bought the Swashbuckler soap yesterday for reason pretty dear to me. later, you’ll find out why. :)
{from arcana soaps}

6 Responses to “arcana soaps”

  1. Dennise said:

    Love them! Thanks for the heads up!

  2. Caroline @ Absolutely Unique said:

    Absolutely love these soaps!
    Have a wonderful weekend darling! xo

  3. [Tara] said:

    These are incredible — slightly creepy, historical…and pirate-inspired!!

  4. Juste said:

    ooh, i go crazy of handmade soups, at all, i tried to make it myself too…not so pretty like yours, but…:)

  5. Whatever Dee-Dee wants said:

    I really like the packaging.

  6. soullove said:

    thanks to this post I just spent $50 (that i don’t really have) on soap! yikes! :p