attention Portland locals!

a friend of mine is looking for make up artists and hair stylists interested in building their portfolio with a fun fashion photoshoot this Thursday. if you are interested or know anyone who might be, please let me know! thank you!
{from .ultraviolett}

4 Responses to “attention Portland locals!”

  1. Casey said:

    I like her hair in the photo…

  2. Dallas Shaw said:

    wishing i was in portland?!

  3. Roberta Jane said:

    totally unrelated to your post… I LOVE this hairstyle, I wish I had long hair again (sad face)

  4. Anonymous said:

    speaking of which….I grew up in Portland and recently returned after a few years and am in desperate need of a really good stylist. Anyone you (or your readers) can recommend? I’m tired of bad haircuts.