band rings

I have a thing for band rings. simple, sweet, and finished with the most delicate details. here are a few from my wish list.
{from metamorph, jennifer casady, lunasa designs, india y la luna}


9 Responses to “band rings”

  1. Chris said:

    Very pretty. I especially like that orange one in the lower left photo :)

  2. Kate said:

    I love them too! I love little gold ones especially.

  3. sulu-design said:

    Have you seen the new (very pretty) ones from Portlander Sara Barner? I like the metal tones in the ones you featured.

  4. starrybluesky said:

    I spotted that little orange ring the other day too – very cute :)

  5. notebookdoodles said:

    me too!!
    i love simple rings.
    there’s just something about them.


  6. Julia said:

    I love that last one – sweet

  7. thrilled by the thought said:

    Wow, I think I now have a thing for them too! Those are so pretty!

  8. Rebecca said:

    pretty! love the braided look of the lower right and that yellow stone, so nice!

  9. linnea said:

    You must check out the rings from the sundance catalog:


    The simplest bands with tiny stones are my favorites :o) someday, I’ll own one of them… but it’ll be real hard deciding which one that’ll be.