for a girl who loves shoes…

Anthropologie’s November catalog is absolutely to die for.
{from anthropologie}

18 Responses to “for a girl who loves shoes…”

  1. Borda said:

    I love that green bag too!

  2. Sal said:

    I couldn’t agree more. That catalog had me DROOLING.

  3. paula said:

    i love those t-strap shoes.

  4. odessa said:

    oh my. those are to die for indeed! must stay away from anthropologie, unless these goes on sale in the future. :)

  5. rachel said:

    gasp! Oh, I think I’ll have to do a little shopping tonight…

  6. Aran said:

    i saw the t-strap shoes with grey tights and i fell in love… gorgeous!

  7. Shelby said:

    I think my dream job would be Photographer for the Anthro catalog. Everything is perfection.

  8. alyson. said:

    oh…. my dream job growing up was always to be a buyer for Anthropologie. I even took a few semesters in college to double major in Merchandising and Graphic Design but decided spending 2 more years in college didn’t sound like fun.

  9. molly said:

    oh i love the top pair of boots. you just summed up my christmas, ha!

  10. Carlene said:

    OMG, I’m afraid to click your link.

  11. Eve said:

    Those shoes are amazing! I wish I could buy everything in Anthropologie!

  12. Lauren K said:

    Oh I adore, every last pair of them!

  13. jakedonohoe@yahoo.com said:

    My heart hurts for those boots. But I know they must be a gagillion dollars.

  14. Michelle Parks McCourt said:

    Those top boots are awesome, are they Frye?

  15. Joanna Goddard said:


  16. citysage said:

    Oh Anthropologie, why must you torture me so? The bows, the slouchiness, the worn yet glistening leather…I want it ALL!

  17. brad said:

    their new collection is great, as always.