leather and knit

I totally love this blondie’s style. le sigh…. if only I could get my bangs to look that great.
{from copenhagen street style}

6 Responses to “leather and knit”

  1. Brandi Schaefer said:

    Not only that but her makeup is flawless…le sigh, indeed…

  2. summer said:

    I am mystified by people who still look feminine in dark leather.

  3. the girl documentary said:

    haha… that was totally the first thing i thought of when i saw this at copenhagen! ahh… bangs.

  4. little rogue said:

    Yeah she’s got a sweet look going on. Her hair is really hot and it doesn’t look that complicated, I’m stealing this look. :)

  5. AlicePleasance said:

    with that cold/misty weather my bangs is sadly different from this… :-(

  6. Michelle said:

    heheeh, I love her scarf, I bet your bangs look better!