leg warmers

I bought a pair of leg warmers a few weeks back and I’m totally excited to wear them. with buttons and poms and cable knit styles, I’m feeling like those dress and tights days will be a little warmer now.
{from urban outfitters}

5 Responses to “leg warmers”

  1. Pseudoangela said:

    Oh dear. I was doing fine till I saw those. Then I went on Urban Outfitters and saw about 20 things I would like to buy…

    naughty naughty

  2. Manhattan Manhunter said:

    Oh yeah, baby. I’m ready for my Irene Cara rebirth moment!

  3. Jana said:

    What kind of shoes will you wear if you wear the leg warmers with a dress and tights?

  4. alyson. said:

    mary janes with chunky heels or shooties! you could even wear ballet flats… but the top of your feet may get chilly. to me, it’s more or less the added warmth around my legs that will be oh so nice. :)

  5. Juste said:

    beauty… i am looking for something similar in Lithuania, but..but everything i find is too boring, so i guess, i will try to do them myself:)