new work!

I’ve updated the Seventy and Sunny blog with some recent work. go have a look!

this header, which I designed for Gilly of Tilly Mint, is possibly one of my favorites. Gilly has an adorable Westie named Mack. when Gilly mentioned that she wanted to update her banner seasonally, we decided to change the look of her blog with each coming season with different scenes of she and Mack. I love this idea and I’m already working on winter!


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14 Responses to “new work!”

  1. Sal said:

    Love it. Can’t wait to get my own!!

  2. paula said:

    love, love this header!

  3. amy@inspirationchic said:

    I love the header!!! Great job

  4. High-Heeled Foot in the door said:

    I love it. It is perfect. I love that her little doggie is in it!

    Do you do webdesign as well?

  5. Heather said:

    You’re awesome! I LOVE the Tilly Mint one, not only because it’s super cute, but because that dog looks just like my little Westie dog, Wanda!

  6. nichole said:

    Okay, that is THE coolest banner ever. I love it!

  7. Jane said:

    hi! I am your new “seventy and sunny” blog project… :)

    I asked my friend Nicole Hill, {not sure if you know her or not} who she would recommend for a blog design and without waiting for her to tell me, I chose YOU on Etsy…then today I got an email from Nicole and she recommended your blog to check-out and use! I love it! The stars lined up on this one!


  8. Jane said:

    so after scoping out your blog, i definitely chose the right woman for the job, so so excited!!!

  9. Catherine said:

    So cute, I love the colours you have used, and of course the dog is gorgeous!

  10. Gilly said:

    How wonderful, both your work and my famous Westie. I can wholeheartedly recommend your work as I’m just delighted with the banner. I can’t stop looking and smiling at it.

  11. Darling Dexter said:

    What a great idea! I love fall..can’t wait to see winter :)

  12. Flora D said:

    congratulations, lovely work! Have a great evening :)

  13. Nicole Marie said:

    So cute!!