photographer spotlight: jennifer causey

today’s photographer spotlight is one of my favorites. Jennifer Causey, of Simply Photo, has a fantastic ability of capturing light. her work is so vibrant and cheerful. I first fell in love with her blog, Simply Breakfast. breakfast is my favorite meal, however I rarely have time to indulge in breakfast during the week. usually sticking to boring oatmeal, I tune in to drool over Jennifer’s delightful breakfasts each day. her shop is stocked with beautiful photos and her blog is always an inspiration. thank you, Jennifer, for letting us indulge today!


what first sparked your interest in photography:
I don’t actually remember. I think it was a friend of mine in college. She started taking photo classes for fun and I decided to join in.
what was your first camera:
I know I had some sort of polariod camera growing up, but the first camera I remember really shooting with was a minolta slr. i’m not sure of the model.favorite thing to photograph:
food. definatley food. and things.favorite artist/photographer:
there are so many. i love sally mann, robert frank and harry callahan. and i love the contemporary work of laura letinsky.most memorable advice you’ve been given:
shoot a lot. shoot what you love.advice you’d give starting or aspiring photographers:
go for it. keep your eyes open. notice the things around you.favorite color:
emerald green and the color of wheat.if you could eat only one thing:
bread.something you can’t live without:
of course, my camera. and my family.on repeat from your headphones:
i’m amazed by my morning jacket.what inspires you:
so many things. nature and how different it is with each season and depending on where you are in the world. food and how beautiful it is in it’s raw form.


24 Responses to “photographer spotlight: jennifer causey”

  1. cindy : quaint said:

    i love jen’s work – it has soul.

  2. paula said:

    her work i so dreamy. the only issue now is that i am hungry.

  3. The Sassy Kathy said:

    simply breakfast was one of the first blogs i started reading, and i love it. breakfast is by far my favorite meal, and she always has such inspiring delicious looking food and photos! thanks for this interview with her!

  4. Los Angeles Times said:

    these are very profound, wow

  5. Gilly said:

    OH I love Jen’s work. She has made me take more photos than ever and has shaped the way I work.

  6. the girl documentary said:

    sooo, soo great. i love that breakfast blog!!

  7. Chris said:

    Wow, she is incredibly talented. I love her use of light, it’s like her images have their own light coming from within or something. And of course the food looks awesome!

  8. Chelsea said:

    Yay! She’s one of my absolute favorites.

  9. nikole said:

    ah, great spotlight!
    i never bore of jen’s work,
    it’s always wonderful.
    and breakfast,
    is by far my favorite meal!

  10. Sal said:

    Ahhh, nothing like a quiet, graceful still life. These are stunning.

  11. debbie said:

    beautiful and inspiring photographs. thanks for sharing!

  12. jen said:

    thanks so much for interviewing me, alyson! these comments are so sweet and really make me smile.

  13. Aran said:

    i love her work! before and after is one of my favorite blogs as so are, simply photo and simply breakfast. thanks for the inspiration!

  14. the purcells said:

    love simply photo and simply breakfast so was thrilled to read your interview! thanks.

  15. Megan said:

    lovely photos. who knew simplicity could go so far in a photo? the last one of the cookies is my favorite.

  16. euni said:

    these are spectacular.

  17. Joanna Goddard said:

    ooooh i love jennifer!!!

  18. Michelle Parks McCourt said:

    Gorgeous photos.

  19. {michelle} said:

    FYI, rice stuffed squash blossoms makes a great appetizer!

  20. Michelle Brunner said:

    Wow! I love Jennifer’s photographs! Thanks for posting them!

  21. Cheryl said:

    I love her photos and blog. you feel like you know her. Thanks! Love these posts.

  22. maria said:

    I really love jen’s photos!
    the give me such peace and inspiration
    thanks for this interview

  23. Summer said:

    her work is a newly-found fascination of mine
    I love that it really is simple, yet beautiful.

  24. heather smith jones said:

    i always love reading more about one of my favorite people. :)