right this second…

anxious and
ready for change.
I’ve actually been quite inspired by all of this change that our country is seeing. I’ve noticed that there are a lot of things that I want to change about myself or my habits and I’m proud to say that I’m ready, really really ready to make those changes.

the weather outside is:
actually nice right now. this week has been terribly dreary.

I’m working on:
some new holiday things for the shop, including another round of calendars. they are sold out at the moment, but have no worries if you were interested in purchasing one. I’m planning to do one more shop update with the calendars and that will probably be the last one.

I’m glad that:
this week flew by. hello friday.


I’ve got a photo shoot this weekend. my very first one ever. and I’m really really excited and a bit nervous. I’ve been planning for months now, and even though I’m completely prepared, I still can’t help but be a bit nervous. maybe it’s anxiety. maybe it’s the excitement. I promise I’ll share with you as soon as everything is ready which may be a few more weeks, but it’ll be worth the wait. trust me. :)

have a nice weekend my friends!! and think about me, and send positive weather vibes my direction.
{from mun kuvia}

13 Responses to “right this second…”

  1. Aran said:

    good luck on the shoot and have a great weekend!

  2. Sarah said:

    Alyson- Best of luck on the shoot, you’re so talent I’m sure you’ll do fantastic work!

  3. paula said:

    have so much fun with your shoot. my hubby and i just wrapped up a bridal tonight. you will be fantastic, i am sure.

  4. debbie said:

    sounds exciting! what will you be shooting?

    change is good, and personal change can be so invigorating. good luck!

  5. Collins said:

    Good luck with your photo shoot.

    I’m feeling excited about all hope of change too!

  6. dolcechic said:

    Congrats on all your success. Much more to come :)

    Best of luck with your shoot!!!

  7. Elizabeth said:

    good luck on the shoot!

    I am excited about change too, so very excited.

    btw: I clicked on the Moop ad and am so glad to have found them – what gorgeous bags!

  8. marta said:

    oh i love your comments on change. i agree whole heartedly. best of luck with your shoot.. i know it’ll go wonderfully. am wishing you the best in your creative endeavors.

  9. Kimberly said:

    a little confidence booster for you before the shoot…your calendars were chosen by lena corwin as one of her etsy faves in the etsy storque article.



  10. juliette c. said:

    from italy: complimentoni!!!

  11. Joanna Goddard said:

    yay good for you! and SO excited for change, as well. xo

  12. Karli said:

    Hey, How did you get a 3 column blogger template?

  13. the purcells said:

    being nervous or anxious before the shoot is a good thing and hopefully it never goes away – it means you care about your work and that’s exciting!! hope it was wonderful!