right this second…

I feel like:
talking about myself. :)

I’ve been tagged a few times over the past few weeks, once by Jora and another time by Afton. my friends, it’s been awhile since I’ve talked much about myself, so here are seven random things about me that you may or may not know. have a fantastic weekend!


I get orange and green mixed up.
ok, I totally know which one is which. I don’t go out and buy a green dress thinking that it’s orange or argue that leaves are orange in springtime, but for some odd reason, over 90% of the time I say orange when I really mean to say green, or vice versa. I guess it’s some form of dyslexia, but I’ve come up empty while searching for a diagnosis.

I’m completely fascinated by the universe.
maybe it’s that I just can’t fathom the whole idea of the universe. maybe it’s that the size of it totally amazes me. but it’s hard for me to imagine things being billions and trillions of sizes larger than me or the sun for that matter. I learned in Astronomy that the diameter of the star Betelgeuse was approximately 1000 times larger than that of the sun and my mind went totally numb. the first time I saw a video like this, I literally watched it with my mouth wide open. I could go on and on, but basically fascinated pretty much sums it up.

my daddy was a pirate.
that’s right. a swashbuckling, gun-shooting, treasure stealing pirate. ok, ok… not a “real life out on the seas” pirate. he was a pirate for the Gasparilla parade in Tampa, only the best pirate parade to exist. every year in early February, the pirates invade the city on a full sized pirate ship and proceed to parade through the street throwing beads and other goodies to the parade watchers. my dad would wear a big, scary black wig, aviator sunglasses, and get nasty scars and bullet wounds painted on his face. I can remember he’d come bursting into my room all decked out in his pirate gear, and as a little girl, I was actually afraid of him. but when it came down to parade time, I felt the the most special girl ever when he singled me out of a crowd and gave me the best beads he had on. now you know why I picked the swashbuckler soap!

I’ve got a thing for vintage Volvos.
my first car was a 1991 Volvo 240.  it was my parents car before they passed it on to me and I love that thing to pieces.  as long as I can remember, we’d always had Volvo’s when I was growing up.  somewhere along the line I became obsessed with the Volvo Amazon and the Volvo P1800.  I hope to have one some day!

I have a fondness for orca whales.
yep, just like Shamu. when my mom was pregnant with me, someone gave her a stuffed whale at the baby shower. that little whale sat in my bedroom, waiting for me to be born and she greeted me when I came home. I took that whale everywhere with me. she traveled to Jamaica and London when I was little, even to summer camp when I was a little embarrassed to have her there, and now after 27 years, she still sits, nicely wrapped up in a box inside my closet. I always think of the Velveteen Rabbit when it comes to my whale. I just can’t part with her!

I used to dye my hair green and wear jncos.
oh the days of being a teenager. I listened to punk and ska music. I even skanked. {seriously, it makes me giggle to watch this video.} I can however, admit that I saw more concerts during this phase of my life than ever. my best friend and I would have our parent’s drop us off at the venue, usually somewhere in downtown St. Pete, and we’d dance our little hearts out. I even managed to meet a few bands, snag a few autographs, and get a song dedication while dancing back stage.

I have a terrible addiction to cheese.
I love it, love love love it. but I try really really hard not to eat too much of it, otherwise I’d probably be gigantic. I usually have at least one type of cheese in the fridge for crackers but sometimes I just can’t decide on one. I get trapped at the cheese counter at Whole Foods. there are so many delicious options. I’ll discretely add cheese to the shopping cart while dlb and I are grocery shopping so he doesn’t notice I’m buying more than one. my favorites are smoked gouda, morbier, and gruyère. {um, where do I sign up for confessions of a cheese-a-holic?}

I’ve always been a collector.
I collected things when I was little. stamps, gemstones, my little ponies and those tiny fuzzy bears that were always at the checkout line at fabric stores to name just a few. I loved having a collection of things and even then I’d arrange them in an some kind of order. biggest to smallest, arranged by color. now, I still love collecting things, but I try to limit myself to things that are really special to me or give me inspiration. like nature. I absolutely love leaves. and I didn’t know how much I loved them until I moved somewhere with a change of the seasons. it’s fantastic. and it totally moves me.

and here are a few extras while I’m at it:
I love black.
I’m weary around horses.
I’m a shoe-a-holic.
I’m a classically trained pianist.
Zero 7 is my favorite band.
I’m only slightly obsessed with baking pies.
and I’m secretly a zombie. just kidding. :)

{photo from kygp}


27 Responses to “right this second…”

  1. thrilled by the thought said:

    The orange and green thing might be the funniest thing I’ve read this week!

  2. cindy : quaint said:

    you did mean to say you dyed your hair ‘green’ and not ‘orange’, right ;)?

  3. odessa said:

    i knew there has to be a reason why i think you’re so awesome – Zero 7!!!! love, love, love them! i think i have a little crush on jose gonzalez :)

  4. paula said:

    you are just too adorable.

  5. debbie said:

    yes to cheese and pies!

  6. Amy Nieto said:

    I get apple and orange mixed up as well. Mayonaise and Mustard as well, only because of the letter M. It made for a lot of wasted sandwiches at Quiznos when I worked there.

    As a hardcore sci-fi nerd and ALMOST astrophysics student, there is nothing grander and more fantastic than the concept of the Universe. I often think about its infinity, its beginnings. And feel a little anxious at the fact that, as a mortal human, I just cannot comprehend the concept of infinity and eternity.

    I truly await the day we cross the border. Ahhh space.

    *amy runs off to youtube to re-watch for the 27687463784th time the new trailer for Star Trek movie!*


  7. Joslyn said:

    this was fun…your unknown facts are great. + classically trained pianist…so cool!

  8. linnea said:

    Your blog is looking SO good. I love the new banner… and the text is especially beautiful. I just watched the skanking video. I had no idea what it was! Have a nice weekend :o)

  9. sulu-design said:

    Oh, Alyson, what a fun list. I have to say that my jaw dropped with your orange and green thing… I do the same with yellow and white (not those that are too close to call either way, just transposing the words). And while I didn’t wear jncos, my boyfriend did. I had knockoffs. Fun, random bits!

  10. Sidney Ann said:

    I used to love to collect things, too! Among my favorites were business cards (I had a hundreds… for no reason) and Clearly Canadian bottles. So lame. I do remember those bears you are talking about though and had a few of them myself. ;)

  11. megrje said:

    I’m a classically trained pianist, love cheese, and always have little collections! And yes, I went through my skanking phase and only wished I was cool enough to wear jnco’s.

  12. Alisa said:

    OMG that video is hilarious! And awesome. All at once.

    I’m a classically trained pianist as well. My favorite composer to play is Philip Glass.

    I have a doll collection (dolls that have meaning to me personally), stamp collection, and I want to start collecting old scientific instruments.

  13. Pony said:

    wow, this is such a beautiful blog!! i’m going to add you to my blogroll!

    also, i am extremely jealous that your daddy was a pirate ;)

  14. susan said:

    That has to be the best tag responses i've read in forever! Great Read & love the JNCO insight I never knew they had a true name:)

  15. Whatever Dee-Dee wants said:

    I love that picture and your list!
    That video totally made me laugh!

  16. this one said:

    i love your new header!! too cute.

  17. summer said:

    I love posts like this. I am absolutely fascinated by other people’s preferences and particulars.

  18. Saorise said:

    I’ve given you an award on my blog dear. Go see!

  19. Borda said:

    Oh Alyson, I just flashed back to way too many memories from our childhood. I can absolutely confirm 90% of the things on here – the other 10% were a surprise to me too!

  20. Sarah Von said:

    A love of cheese *and* wide-leg jeans?! A girl after my own heart! Love the blog.

  21. Michelle said:

    Wow, we have so much in common! I love science, Zero 7, pies and horses make me kinda nervous! wowza.

  22. Holly said:

    cute list! i LOVE zero7! also big fan of sia’s solo stuff.

  23. trupeach said:

    theophany beat me to it! you should definitely check out powers of ten from charles and ray eames.

  24. Claire Elizabeth said:

    i live only twenty minutes from st. pete; where did you grow up?!

  25. Collier said:

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  26. Patrick said:

    Okay so you probably won’t read this, but I was looking around and came across your thing about orange and green. I have the same exact thing! I say it wrong and have to correct myself all of the time. Its nice to know someone else out there does the same thing.