sofia barão

upon finding this amazing post from Joanna, I promptly headed over to see what Sofia Barão has been up to. I’ve been a fan of Sofia’s art so naturally I was bound to love her jewelry creations. I am absolutely in love with her crocheted accessories. I won her little giveaway yesterday {squealing with delight inside} and I’m soon to be the proud owner of this lovely coeur errant crochet necklace. be sure to check her blog, as she mentioned that she’ll be organizing more of these little giveaway’s soon!
{from sofia barão}

9 Responses to “sofia barão”

  1. mav said:

    what a special find. just lovely.

  2. Lynne said:

    Oh, I love the one with the little angel wings. I need to get working on my art collection.

  3. simplesong said:

    amazing photos!

  4. sofia barão said:

    thank you so much Alyson, your little heart will be leaving France this week :)

  5. Michelle Parks McCourt said:

    What lovely images, very feminine and chic

  6. Anabela said:

    Heehee. I saw that post too and I snapped up the necklace in it — I just couldn’t resist! Congratulations on winning the giveaway, the heart is lovely.

  7. Amy Nieto said:

    oh jesus. that necklace on the bottom left.

  8. nadia said:

    she is very talented and also has the kindest heart!

  9. Style Bite said:

    What a fantastic collection of jewelry. Thanks for the tip