tara jones caligraphy

maybe you noticed my new header? the hand lettering is by the amazing Tara Jones. I contacted her a few days ago with a request for the lettering in my header. doesn’t it look amazing? she sent a few options, which I had a really tough time deciding between because her work is really great, but ultimately I went with the one above. combined with my fireflies trapped in glass jars, I think it captures romance and wonder. check out her adorable website for more samples of her work. thank you again, Tara!
{from tara jones}

11 Responses to “tara jones caligraphy”

  1. una juniper said:

    The new banner is marvelous! It’s my favorite thus far.

  2. Sarah said:

    Wow that looks amazing! I think it’s my favorite so far!

  3. Joslyn said:

    oh i love it! such a pretty banner!

  4. simplesong said:

    alyson — I LOVE IT. its so perfect and its so you! love the little fireflies too.

  5. Courtney said:

    It’s just perfect alyson! love both the lettering and graphics

  6. High-Heeled Foot in the door said:

    I love it. The lettering is beautiful. Nice touch.

  7. Sara Christine said:

    I LOVE your new header! Just gorgeous. Makes me want to take up calligraphy!

  8. Anna said:

    I love the header! It’s very whimsical which is one of my favorite adjectives. And thanks for introducing me to Tara Jones. I’m a new calligrapher in the Dallas area and was very excited to find out about another calligrapher.

  9. Alana said:

    The Caligraphy is wonderful, thank you for sharing.