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right this second…

I could not be happier:
to be leaving the snow.

don’t get me wrong, I think it’s really pretty and I love the blanket of powder that it’s left outside today, but…. I am SO happy to be traveling somewhere tropical. I’m leaving early tomorrow morning for the Philippines and so so excited. still hanging on to a cough that has left me a little hoarse, but I’m feeling a LOT better. thank you very much for your well wishes. I’ll be away from this space until January 12, but I promise to stop in and say hello. in the meantime, a dear friend of mine will be guest blogging the week of January 5 and I know she’ll have some great things to share with you.

until then…. au revoir my friends! and have the merriest of merry Christmases and a safe, happy New Year!!! don’t miss me too much. ;)
{photo by lille_my, one of my newest favorite flickr friends, her photos are beautiful…}


loyale 50% sale

as promised, I’ve got a great sale to tell you about!! Loyale is having a 2 day sale on December 17th & 18th with 50% off the current collection. use the promo code: Festive1208 upon check out & as always they offer free USPS shipping. I just bought the Solano tunic and it’s amaaaaazing. check it out!

*All domestic orders will be shipped via U.S. Priority Mail on December 19 & should arrive by December 22 or 23. If you would like to pay for express shipping or have other special requests, please email Items purchased with this promotion can be returned for store credit or exchange. *


this darn cold.

hi friends, I’m feeling a bit under the weather. I think this cold has got me, literally. and I’ve got to rest up, I leave for my trip on Sunday! I’ll be back tomorrow with a really great sale to tell you about, but after that, I probably won’t be back around until Friday. type to you then!
{photo from lille_my}



yesterday, we had snow that dusted the streets of Portland with glittery white. it was relaxing to sit inside and watch the snow fall. I liked watching it change direction, one minute it was snowing upwards, the next it was coming in sideways.
it’s funny what snow does to a city that hardly ever gets snow. hardly anyone drives. people sled down hills in trash can covers or whatever else they can find that might work. we bundled up and braved the streets to have lunch at our favorite spot.
I love the snow for it’s peaceful qualities. but today while walking to work…. it was a bit cold and not so much loved anymore.

happy monday friends!
{photos by me and dlb}


right this second…

I decided it’s about time:
to let you in on my holiday adventures.

so friends, this year for Christmas, I told you that I’m not going to be putting up a tree. well, that’s only partly true. my Dad will have a little tree. but not a real one and it’ll be dressed up at the beach. yep, at the beach. :)
this year for Christmas, I’m finally taking that trip to visit my Dad in the Philippines for three glorious weeks of vacation. I’ll be laying on the beach, soaking up rays, taking volcano top horse rides, eating exotic fruits and all the mango I can handle, and experiencing life as my Dad knows it. I’ve been learning a little Filipino, and while everyone else is buying scarves and sweaters, I’ve been hunting sales on shorts, tees, bathing suits and sandals. I am sooo excited and dlb will be coming with me!! our rats will be in safe hands while we’re gone and this little space will be run by some fantastic guest bloggers. next week will be my last week posting until January! I’m sure I will post a few hellos. I’ve got a few things planned for next week, but I know I’m going to be really really busy so posting may be light.

but I’m so so excited.
for now, happy friday friends!! and paalam {goodbye}!
{photo from -gep- of Boracay, one of the places I’ll be traveling.}


dear santa…

like I mentioned before, the holidays snuck up on me. I had big plans for gift lists but I opted to keep the holiday blogging simple this year. so santa, here are some things from my little wish list along with what I think would make great gifts. coriolis earrings – perfect for the little rocker in her.
payton shirt in purple – la la love purple lately.
leather tassel gloves – warm and oh so cute.
clarks adore – warm and soft suede in a fabulous wine suede.
alliterative alphabet necklace – for the narcissist.
earth mirage – my feet are always cold.
loyale solano tunic – love this dress. it’s so versatile.
french sailor shirt – because who doesn’t love stripes?
sunny icicle – simply glamorous.
vegan fusion – from my favorite lunch haunt, this cookbook looks amazing, even if you’re not vegan.
solid merino throw – the softest merino throw ever. trust me.
muffin pans – for the breakfast lover who’s tired of making scones… :)
mareike auer calendar – I just love her illustrations.
printing by hand – perfect for the crafter who wants to experiment with more medias.
capri blue candle in a jar – bring the tropics into your home.
kitchenaid ravioli attachment – who doesn’t love fresh ravioli?
magnetic kitchen timer – it’s just so cute and probably sounds better than the microwave timer.
satsuma press calendar – it’s beautiful… and psst, she’s having a give away on her blog!!


so my friends, what’s on your wish list this year? I’d love to hear.