big sur meets helsinki

wow. I am totally in love with this collection from Lina Rennell.
{via good long while, from lina rennell}

10 Responses to “big sur meets helsinki”

  1. thrilled by the thought said:

    Oh me too! That last dress is really gorgeous!

  2. pigeon.toed said:

    those are amazingly adorable! thanks for sharing!

  3. Juste said:

    to feel like a woman..:)

  4. euni said:

    i love the tote bag, the shape of the straps are amazing.

  5. Roberta Jane said:

    Very pretty and I love the collection name!

  6. Mrs.French said:

    me too…and the sweet kitty on the website…xo t

  7. Lucy said:

    What a beautiful collection, and so well styled. Thanks for the link!

  8. nikole said:

    the first image is beautiful!

  9. Alya said:

    Your new header is gorgeous!!

  10. sylvesterandmama said:

    No kidding, me too!