flickr favorites :: magic

there are so many pictures that move me. and there are so many pictures that I love. these photos however, I’ve seen in my dreams. I’ll briefly tell you about the time that I didn’t favorite one of these photos when I first saw it, and then I beat myself up for months trying to find it again. I think about these photos often and cycle through my flickr favorites to find them and gaze upon them for inspiration. it’s these photos that exude magical qualities that I simply can’t explain. maybe you’ll see it too. and yes, there are many more. but this was all the magic overload I could handle for one day.
{untitled, untitled, colors, untitled, overflow, lost in translation, double rainbow, paper decorations, , elk, jump, untitled}

7 Responses to “flickr favorites :: magic”

  1. paula said:

    these photos made me smile, thank you.

  2. natalie said:

    these are all so completely gorgeous! and yes, truly magical. thank you for sharing.

  3. Robin said:

    Ooh, I love these, Alyson! Thanks for sharing. I’m off to go fave pretty much all of them now!

  4. Fanny said:

    Beautiful pics!

  5. Cheryl said:

    I love these recent Flickr favs. This last picture on the bottom right is my favorite. So pretty. I just love your blog. It’s a very favorite of mine. Thanks!

  6. erin said:

    gorgeous set.. lately i’ve been seeing magic in my flickr favorites too.

  7. Aran said:

    i love this set!