flickr favorites :: white space

I have such a fondness for white. I would decorate my entire apartment with white and pops of color if dlb or my two bad cats would allow. it just seems so clean and bright. this spring I started a flickr group called White Space Wednesday with the intention of bringing together like minded white lovers. I’ve been a bad group moderator but I’ve still loved your contributions. here are my favorite white space photos.
{1., 2, woodencup, ice rink, untitled, light hand red, 0111, untitled, hanging, untitled, the best designer, sweet cream}

4 Responses to “flickr favorites :: white space”

  1. Dallas Shaw said:

    oooooh i loooove these

  2. teresa said:

    I love white too! A while ago I started a tumblr blog called White on White. Will keep an eye on your group :)

  3. Emily said:

    Hello white. You are my favoret but do not tell the others. I’m afraid that red believes that he is my number one.

  4. Kate said:

    I’ve been a bad contributer lately! I think it’s because it’s hard to find any white space in my apartment, or NYC in general. ha.