lovely feathers

I love these feather ornaments by Roost. I were to be decorating a tree this year, I’d gladly fill it up with these lovelies.
by the way, there’s a big reason why I’m not decorating a tree this year…. more on that later.
{from rare device}


10 Responses to “lovely feathers”

  1. [Tara] said:

    These are too lovely!! They would look great on an all-white tree.

  2. Heather said:

    These are SOOO pretty!

  3. Texan Couture said:

    The feathers are so cute! I love that idea!

  4. debo said:

    It looks like Tara beat me to the punch, but I absolutely agree that these would look fabulous on a white tree.

  5. beautifulpaper said:

    I totally agree — if I had a tree to decorate I’d love to use these. So, so pretty…

  6. Lauren K said:

    So cute! I’d love to fill a fluffy tree with them :)

  7. rachel said:

    ooh yes, I love them too. although I’d be a little afraid of my cat going after them :)

  8. nikole said:

    oh, little white lights and feathers, perfect!

  9. {michelle} said:

    So beautiful and delicate. Great idea!

  10. sulu-design said:

    I came across these lovelies a couple weeks ago and bought myself one as a little treat… not for the tree but to hang on the wall. I keep seeing them in my favorite shops around Portland now, and smile ever time I do.