right this second…

I decided it’s about time:
to let you in on my holiday adventures.

so friends, this year for Christmas, I told you that I’m not going to be putting up a tree. well, that’s only partly true. my Dad will have a little tree. but not a real one and it’ll be dressed up at the beach. yep, at the beach. :)
this year for Christmas, I’m finally taking that trip to visit my Dad in the Philippines for three glorious weeks of vacation. I’ll be laying on the beach, soaking up rays, taking volcano top horse rides, eating exotic fruits and all the mango I can handle, and experiencing life as my Dad knows it. I’ve been learning a little Filipino, and while everyone else is buying scarves and sweaters, I’ve been hunting sales on shorts, tees, bathing suits and sandals. I am sooo excited and dlb will be coming with me!! our rats will be in safe hands while we’re gone and this little space will be run by some fantastic guest bloggers. next week will be my last week posting until January! I’m sure I will post a few hellos. I’ve got a few things planned for next week, but I know I’m going to be really really busy so posting may be light.

but I’m so so excited.
for now, happy friday friends!! and paalam {goodbye}!
{photo from -gep- of Boracay, one of the places I’ll be traveling.}

25 Responses to “right this second…”

  1. E. said:

    Coool! Are you going to Boracay? Have fun, December is pretty nice, but not as warm as Philippine summer. It’s still a popular month to go to beaches and stuff though. [:

    If you have any questions or whatnot, feel free to email or visit my blog! I’ve been reading your blog for a while now, it’s addicting! Hehe.

    Regarding the previous post, I love that Steven Alan shirt too! Too bad I can’t buy too much clothes since I’m preparing to move. Well, have fun on your vacation!

  2. Yellowgoat said:

    I’ve been to Boracay, it’s lovely and wonderful. Make sure to island hop and rent a boat for yourself, you can go anywhere, the local are very friendly too. :D

  3. leah said:

    that’s so crazy alyson.. i was about to go to the Philippines this Christmas season too! i’m actually from the Philippines but have SADLY forgotten how to speak the language (i know, pretty sad eh?). i havent been back since i came to Canada when i was eight. it’s been such a long time and i am bummed that the trip for this December didnt work out! anyway, HAVE FUN!!!!! i will be jealous of your tanning opportunities. =)

  4. linnea said:

    Have fun :o) & bring us back some sunshine. Or at least pretty pictures of the warm days.

  5. ButtonsMagee said:

    oh wow! that sounds like so much fun! I was just thinking about the beach last night.

  6. The Lil Bee said:

    What a wonderful holiday you have planned! Have a fantastic holiday:)

  7. odessa said:

    i’m so excited for you. and a little jealous too because i don’t get to go home this christmas. hope you take lots of pictures while you’re there. and make sure to bargain with the prices, they tend to double/triple the price for tourists. happy travels! and maligayang pasko (merry christmas!)~odessa

  8. Chris said:

    Wow, sounds like it’ll be the trip of a lifetime. I hope you have tons of fun and see new and exciting things, too!

  9. Kate said:

    Sounds like a great trip. Have a wonderful time!

  10. Fanny said:

    Have a wonderful trip!
    : )

  11. rachel said:

    sounds amazing! You’re going to have a great time for sure.

  12. Maluhia said:

    have a great trip! my husband is trying to convince me to go because i haven’t been back since 2000. my mom is there and so is my brother. be safe and be looking forward to hearing about your adventure when you get back. boracay is great!

  13. E. said:

    Alyson, I just emailed you at your seventyandsunny email! Hope it helps and you get to read it before you leave the country.


  14. brooke said:

    Oh, Alyson, have so much fun! My dad has spent time in the Philippines every year for the last five years and has fallen in love with it. The mangos are one of his favorite things there. Eat one for me!

  15. Aran said:

    what a great trip alyson! have fun!

  16. Courtney said:

    What an incredible trip. Have a wonderful holiday!

  17. Vain and Vapid said:

    Oh wow, that sounds so amazing and fun. Nothing like going to a beautiful tropical place in the middle of winter, I’m so excited for you…

  18. benz said:

    woww! the philippines would be awesome.
    Hey you should stop by Bangkok too. I am living here right now and there are so many things to see and do :)

    Let me know if you want to stop by and hope you have a great trip!!

  19. alice said:

    Wow! Have a great trip :)

  20. nicki said:

    Great! have a nice time!!

    I´m a silent reader of your blog: I love it! :)

    Groetjes uit Holland!

  21. ambika said:

    Oh, I’m envious! Have fun!

  22. melissa @ alberta alberta said:

    my dad also lives in the philippines! i won’t be visiting him this year but i do hope to go soon, the photographs he sends are beautiful. hope you have a lovely vacation!

  23. Heather said:

    Alyson, my good friend is from the Philippines and regularly visits her family outside of Manila. On each trip she pays a visit to her favorite local dressmaker, photos and fabric in hand, and returns with a beautiful, stylish, mini wardrobe—custom made to fit—for a fraction of what she would pay here. Something you may want to consider. If you will be near Manila, I’d be happy to put you in touch with my friend so she could tell you where to go.


  24. Heather said:

    Alyson, I am having trouble with my outgoing mail server so I am responding to you here. I will talk to my friend and get back to you!